See None, Hear None, Speak None


Tracking and samples:

Released:  11++/11

In perhaps his most ambitious release to date, and his first solo album of new material since 2007’s “Mantle” from the label, Brian Parnham offers an intense electro-acoustic-trance/Ambient album in his latest work “See None, Hear None, Speak None”.

With “See None, Hear None, Speak None”, all the stops were pulled as the sound rolls and transforms over a vast auditory and sometimes dark soundscape.  This album provides the listener a fine blend of electro-acoustic-trance-ambience... with an edge.

“I have no fancy words or some sort of transcendental message with it all.  This album is another reflection of what goes through my mind quite often.  I think the track titles speak for themselves on what I was contemplating when creating them.  Even still, they can be looked at in more than one way.  It was high time for me to capture these feelings in sound and release them.

So, uncork a bottle of Arizona Stronghold Nachise red, pop on some quality headphones, fasten your seat belts, sit back and enjoy the ride!”

~brian parnham 11++/11 (Dec2011)

See None, Hear None, Speak None  [4:30]                                

Head in the Sand  [5:16]                                                    

Suspended Plumes  [6:06]                                                       

Eroding Shore  [4:36]                                                         

Race to the Source  [5:08]                                                           

Half Full  [2:04]                                                       

Tipping Point  [1:46]                                               

Half Empty  [1:32]                                                   

Business as Usual  [2:53]                                       

While We’re Here  [3:52]                                        

1111  [11:11]                                                           

Earth Mourning  [6:31]                                            

Enjoy the Ride  [5:41]                                             

Everyone Gets Their Turn  [3:38]                           

Last Breath  [6:26]