Passing Strange


“Passing Strange - Directions in Electronic Music”

Multi-artist compilation

Released 2001, Broadvista Music (BVM003)

  1. 1.“Unanswered Questions” - John Pemble

  2. 2.“The Coveted Mirror” - Jeff Karsin

  3. 3.“Blackbird” - The Autumn Project

  4. 4.“Used and Left to Rust” - Brian Parnham

  5. 5.“Forward Steps” - Kirk Watson

  6. 6.“Lupine” - Biff Johnson

  7. 7.“Brush With the Lions” - David Hastings

This rare release from Broadvista Music features several artists in the electro-ambient scene.  Brian Parnham’s contribution features e-bowed guitar, didgeridoo, clay pot percussion and wordless vocals by Michelle Brochu.

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